Registered Surveyor

Simplify your land surveying needs by getting a wide range of surveying services with just one easy call.

Vince Ryan has been surveying in the Canterbury region for over 20 years, and all that experience is reflected in the precision, quality and professionalism of his work. If you need someone to handle your urban and rural subdivisions, EPH unit plans, pegging certificates, boundary definitions, resource consents or building location certificates, Vince is the guy you need to be talking to. Specialising in the residential market, he’s an asset to your team for any consulting or planning needs and is happy to address all cases on an individual basis.

So if you need quality surveying work done, or have any questions about surveying that need answering, Vince is your guy.

What makes me different?

I provide a wide variety of quality land surveying services in the Christchurch area. I specialise in the domestic sector, serving all consulting and planning needs.